3pcs Utensil Set – 2244/350 – Nylon – Red – Brinox

3pcs Utensil Set – 2244/350 – Nylon – Red – Brinox

Simplicity and practicality without losing charm is the hallmark of Nylon utensils. There are three pieces: the spoon, for preparing and serving everyday foods such as rice and other portions, the terrine shell for sauces, soups and broths, and the spatula, ideal for foods such as omelets and hamburgers. The three pieces of the set are made of nylon, which can withstand temperatures up to 180ºC and are ideal for use in nonstick coated pans as they do not damage the bottom. Available in black color.


  • 1 Rice Spoon – 27 cm
  • 1 ladle – 26 cm
  • 1 Spatula – 27 cm


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